Technology and Lookout Tower on Velký Kamýk near Písek

LocationVelký Kamýk hill near Písek
DesignersVladimír Janata, Jaroslav Sixta
InvestorRadiomobil, a.s.
Costs9 mil. Kč (steel structure and foundations)
General contractorExcon, a.s.
Construction 2001
Technical characteristics Height 65 m
Lookout platform elevation 30 m above ground
Number of steps to lookout platform 160
Weight of steel structure 72 t

The lookout tower on top of the Velký Kamýk hill is a combination of a technology tower carying the antennas of mobile phone operators and a public lookout tower. The Investor required a tower 65 m high for heavy antennas of overalI wind-exposed area of some 100 m2. During the review of the project by the District Office in Písek the Department of Regional Development and the Department of Environment raised the requirement of erection of a tubular mast with a lookout platform. Its architectural design was approved by the Chief Architect of Písek. Another criterion important for the Investor was the costs which should not exceed much the construction costs of a standard lattice tower. Structurally new was the combination of the central tube with four corner members the buckling length of which is assured by pairs of horizontal members spaced at 6 m. The shear forces are transmitted by the central tube replacing the lattice structure of the tower.
The central tube of 1680 mm diameter at the foot and 1200 mm at the top consists of preassembled parts jointed by means of inner flanges. The dia. 219 mm corner members are constrained in the central tube 45 m above ground level. The flanged jointing of corner members use high-strength friction-grip bolts like the flanges of the central tube. The surface is provided with hot-dip galvanizing combined with a finishing paint coat.
The circular lookout platform 30 m above ground level is accessible by a helical staircase, the technological platforms by a ladder provided with a safety strip. Technological cables proceed to individual platforms inside the central tube provided with an internal ladder.