Czech design 1995-2000

(Publication Characteristics)

Publisher:PROSTOR - Architecture, Interior, Design, a non-profit company
Project:Dagmar Vernerová
Selection and introduction:Jiří Pelcl
Scope:210 works of 132 Czech designers on 200 pages
Graphic design:Vladimír Anděl, Aleš Najbrt / Studio Najbrt
Characteristics:230 x 305 mm, art paper, colour

The purpose of the publication, the first of its type at present, is the mediation and presentation of the present state and development trends in this field to both lay and professional public, the documentation of the works which have originated in the past five years and their incorporation into the historical development trends and relations of Czechoslovak and Czech applied art and design. The representative publication is broken up into five chapters dealing with furniture, ligtings, tableware (glass, porcelain, ceramics, metal and other materials), textiles and product design. The introductory text acquaints the reader with the development of Czechoslovak and Czech design in relation to the world development from the 20th to the end of the 20th century. The publication contains also a list of selected exhibitions, lectures and symposia concerned with applied art and design which took place in the Czech Republic from 1990 to 2000, a list of selected schools specializing in art, design and crafts and a list of museums and galleries concerned with design collecting and conservation. The selection of the works was consulted with the foremost Czech theoreticians in the field. The most important selection criteria included quality and inventiveness of the works reflecting our time and environment. The authors are of different generations - the book includes also the works created by the students of selected arts and crafts chools.