Rajská zahrada Station of Prague Underground Praha - Černý Most


Photo: Josef Husák

Rajská zahrada is the last but one station of Line B of Prague Underground in the northeastern suburb of Prague, in which the railway ascends to the surface. The passengers arriving from city centre are pleasantly surprised as the train emerges from the darkness of the tunnel, welcomed by an airy space full of lively forms and colours and particularly light.

Architecturally the station has been designed in the form of a glazed cylinder the steel structure of which consisting of circular ribs forms the principal aesthetic component of the interior. The principal structures of the platforms and walls are of reinforced concrete. Actually the situation is highly complex, because the cylindrical shell envelops three storeys the lowest of which is at ground level of the Černý Most housing estate and the highest on the level of Chlumecká Street near the exit road from Prague. From this level the passengers descend to the platforms situated in this station exceptionally on two superimposed levels. In the interior of the station both upper platforms appear as galleries and the glazed cylindrical shell integrates all elements into a uniform, markedly articulated interior space. From the outside the horizontal cylindrical body of the station is provided with two entrances on either side with segmental butterfly-shaped roofs perpendicular to the cylinder and supplemented with a perpendicularly oriented higher building on the arrival side from Prague housing technical equipment, provided with a similar roof structure from which the glass cylinder of the station seems to sprout.

All parts show a certain formal playfulness enabled by the high-tech aesthetics which the author had absorbed and developed with bravado. Particularly the interior of the station testifies to his highly developed sense for the work with light, colour, structure, steel and glass. Everything is subordinated to the uniform order of structural aesthetics, incl. railings, stairs, seats, columns, etc. The dominant blue colour is combined with dark grey colour and yellow stripes of lighting ramps. The glazed walls blend the station interior with exterior environment. The Rajská zahrada station is connected with the Černý Most terminal by a concrete tube provided with a cylindrical shell bearing a footpath on top, connected with ground level by blue helical stairs. The whole station incl. the tube is a new enlivening element introducing energy and vitality into the suburban landscape with a housing estate and supermarkets.
Address: metro B, Praha 14 - Černý Most